Semalt: Four Reasons Why IT Services Companies Should Have a Blog

There are many IT services companies that enjoy success in the business world, but for some reason, only a handful have a blog on their websites. Many of IT services companies adhere to traditional sale techniques or find it too difficult and time-consuming to run a blog. However, those companies that do run a company blog will ultimately reap the rewards of doing so. Julia Vashneva, Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, explains what benefits running a blog brings to IT services companies.

Highlighting Uniqueness of Services

Content marketing is an important part of business development throughout the world. Many businesses are going digital and mobile, so the content marketing has become necessary for lead generation and differentiation. At the same time, differentiation can be somewhat of a problem for many IT services companies, as they deal with the same businesses every day. When you create a blog, you are creating something unique, something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Using it, you can show your personality, your work ethics, your company's character, etc., which will help prospective clients choose your company among others.

Many IT service companies tend to blend into each other as they use the same terminology. So how can they be sure that your business is better than another company? And how can a prospective client see that your team is proficient enough to get the work done? Many IT services companies generally rely on word of mouth or cold calling services, but a thoughtfully developed blog can open up an entirely different, complex method of gaining new customers.

Showing Experience and Skills

The 'About Us' page of any company's website is extremely important when attracting new customers. If you claim that your manager or leader has so many years of experience, just the same as every other company, obviously, it will seem bland. With the help of the blog, on the contrary, you can demonstrate your experience and management skills, so that appeals to your prospective clients. It's relatively easy to do, but such blog posts reflect the essence of everything you want to promote.

Promoting Your Business

The blog will become a great platform for bringing IT services community together. As soon as you write on your company's blog, you are initiating a discussion, which is open for both industry professionals and clients. The feedback you receive will help you to promote your services to different people. If you get the right content on your blog, it will put your company on the map.

Producing New Leads

Recent studies show that B2B companies that run a blog will produce up to 67% more leads than companies that don't have it, and B2C companies have this rate accounted in 88% accordingly. When you are creating your inbound marketing strategy, your blog should always be a vital part of it. In fact, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in blog posts helps companies to have better rankings. Without a good amount of field-related content, it won't be possible to achieve. When you adjust your blog for SEO purposes, you will more likely attract the attention of potential customers.

Launching and running a blog requires consistent efforts of someone who is prepared for hard work, research and has the passion for the topic. However, IT services companies have to be aware of the prospective effect it can have on the business. Clients of Semalt Digital Agency have successfully proven that the return on investment in running a blog well worth it.